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Al Etihad Gold Minted Gold bars momentum in the local and international market

Al Etihad Gold minted gold bars gain momentum in the local and international market.

Al Etihad Gold minted gold bars gain momentum in the local and international market as the demand for small gold investments products is increasing from the time it was launched on February 2013.The product line ranges from 100 grams up to the smallest category in oval and rectangular form with designs like Qur'an, Al Aqsa and Mecca. To satisfy our valued clients more, they can have options on these investment products to have it in plain or with hook.

Since Al Etihad Gold is always vigilant on the authenticity of our gold products, we tie up with an international supplier where the minted bars are packed with a security seal to protect it from any duplication or imitations and its originality can be tested by using the UV (Ultra Violet) technique.

Al Etihad Gold small investment bars or biscuit gold bars, are the best option for everyone these days for big investors as they buy in volume and especially to those ordinary and middle income people as their assets, easiest to buy yet the safest investment compared to currencies savings,.. etc. 

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The UAEGD Standard is the only globally accepted and relevant standard for 1kg gold bars with a minimum of 995 fineness.

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