About Us Vision and Mission

Mission and Vission


To become the Gold and Silver refinery of choice for dealers, traders and banks from across the globe.

Mission Statement

Al Etihad Gold is a gold & silver product and associated service provider, fully committed to offer the highest quality of products and services.

Al Etihad Gold is driven by its commitment to excellence and leadership. The company demonstrates this by:

  • Offering the highest calibre of gold and silver products and services to myriad clients from across industries and geographical locations
  • Demonstrating trustworthiness through local and international accreditations.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and improvement where new ideas are welcomed and new markets explored
  • Building a work environment where each individual, irrespective of grade, is valued and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Strengthening relationships with partners, regulatory agencies and the local community

Al Etihad Gold is focused on absolute customer satisfaction - the company endeavours to offer the highest degree of efficient, timely, secure and courteous service to clients regardless of the size of business they bring.

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In This Section

Proudly Accredited by UAE Good Delivery.
The UAEGD Standard is the only globally accepted and relevant standard for 1kg gold bars with a minimum of 995 fineness.

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Our knowledge, experience, technical expertise and modern state-of-the-art refining facility ensures superior treatment of all gold & silver metal refining lots.