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Al Etihad Gold Refinery achieved DGD status for Gold & Silver, a great success

Al Etihad Gold Refinery achieved DGD status for Gold & Silver, a great success

Al Etihad Gold Refinery achieved DGD status for Gold & Silver, a great success Another big success is achieved by Al Etihad Gold Refinery before the closing of 2012. We are very proud to announce to the our valuable customers and to the public that now Al Etihad Gold Refinery is has been awarded the Dubai Good Delivery Status for gold and silver, thereby rising its level to international ranking and therefore the gold and silver traders to not have to turn to international suppliers for their equirements.The DGD standard is introduced by DMCC few years ago to promote international standards and boost the trust for local and regional traders as well as provide the delivery standard for the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX). Al Etihad Gold Refinery General Manager Sami Abu Ahmad in his statement, to achieve status as a Dubai Gold Delivery accredited refinery has meant that Al Etihad Gold represents the best in its quality of Gold & Silver products, and it is a true recognition of our technical and oduction competencies added by the true efforts by our employees. The DGD standard has already added a huge value to the business, especially to our clients. Our DGD accreditation has no doubt enhanced brand recognition and reputation in the world market. On the other hand, Mr. Salah Abbas EbrahimKhalaf, partner of Al Etihad Gold & and manager of Al Bahrain Jewellers, the mother company of Al Etihad said I wish to express my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Dubai Multi Commodities Center Gold & Precious Metals Committee for recognizing our hard works and effort to achieve DGD Status which we consider a big edge to serve local, regional and international clients. To the whole Al Etihad Gold Team from the production comprising the safe, quality control, foundry refinery and maintenance departments including the administrative and finance departments which offered their full strength to acquire this big success. Mr. Adel Abbas EbrahimKhalaf, partner of Al Etihad Gold added, we look forward of making our service be most efficient and rewarding to our valuable clients now that our company is given a Dubai Good Delivery status that has an international recognition. With this big achievement Al Etihad Gold ranks as the 19th for Gold and the 13th for silver in the list of approved international and regional refineries of the Dubai Good Delivery per the latest record of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) For detailed further information on this development, please follow the link

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