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Al Etihad Gold Launches New Product Line oF different Shapes and Categories

Al Etihad Gold Launches New Product Line oF different Shapes and Categories

Al Etihad Family is proud to announce to our valued customers and to the public the launching of our new product line that cover different weight categories and standard shapes starting from 1 gram up to 100 gram in rectangular or oval form. Its a dream come true after long time vision, study and planning Al Etihad Gold answers the demand of our valued customers and to the public to introduce the minted gold bars. As today's launching 24th February 2013 Al Etihad Gold release to the market good quantity of the above mentioned minted gold bars, These smaller bars are manufactured by minting or stamping from appropriately rolled gold or silver sheet. It bears our company name and logo on its two sides. We will also provide an option for our clients to customize one side and use their designs or logo with little extra premium. The packaging is detailed as there is water mark that one can read in the day light and UV luminescent pattern on the protective security film that's visible under UV light and the card is made of good quality polyester. Aside from the individual packaging, it further placed in a unique black box of 25 pieces per box and finally sealed with a powerful shrink wrap with Al Etihad company logo sticker at the outside, all these thoroughly undergo quality control assessment where clients / customers are assured of paramount safety and security when they buy the Al Etihad minted gold bar products. Al Etihad Gold materialized the idea of producing minted gold products since it is considered as a good investment because the metal in each bar has inherent value and this will help people instead of investing as currency they keep it in a form of gold metal to make it always safe. All these new development of Al Etihad is carried because of the ultimate intention to give service to with utmost dedication that leads to maximum customer satisfaction.

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