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Diamond Removal from Jewelries Al Etihad Gold Launched

Diamond Removal from Jewelries Al Etihad Gold Launched

January 2012, Al Etihad Gold launched the new service for Jewellery Industry Diamond Removal from Jewellery. Diamond Removal Service is a unique service in this region that Al Etihad Gold introduces to help all jewellery manufacturers by assisting them to retain their diamonds and gold in a short period of time for re- manufacturing it and make higher returns. Al Etihad Gold engaged the highest technique on removing diamonds and retention of gold and other precious metals to give best quality service and customer satisfaction. General Manager Sami Abu Ahmad said, diamond removal service was one of the targets that Al Etihad Gold offers since last year and there are still several services that are in line to be open to clients in the Middle East and the whole region for gold and precious metal market very soon. He further said that the company will always continue strive to introduce several services to meet the growing clients demands and for him it's not hard since he has a hard working team of personnel that supports the vision and the mission of the company. Al Etihad Gold is confident that more clients will be interested in this development. For further details about different services of the company it's very easy to reach through telephone no. 04-3419084, Fax no. 04- 3419085 or visit our website and rest assured all other queries will be answered.

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